You can absolutely be happy, fulfilled, and love your life…without being perfect. (or having people like you all the time)

Dear friend,

If you’re anything like me, I know you. On the outside, your life looks perfect. But on the inside, you feel exhausted, resentful, and even ashamed. I know this because I lived my entire adult life obsessed with getting people to approve of me… I chased after “gold stars” so people would say nice things about me and think I had it all figured out… I created an elaborate façade of perfection – I had the “right” job, I married the “right” guy, we bought the “perfect” house. But the truth was, on the inside I was miserable. I hated my life and I didn’t have a clue what to do about it. So, I’m curious…


Do you...


  • Rehearse what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it before going into situations… even ones as simple as talking to your spouse?
  • Mentally go over the things you said and did after a meeting, finding all kinds of ways you could have done it or said it differently?
  • Apologize when your house is dirty?
  • Keep your opinions to yourself when they’re not the same as the opinions of other people?
  • Avoid asking for help because you don’t want people to think you’re incompetent?
  • Work yourself to the bone trying to make sure everyone is happy?
  • Think your success and/or happiness depends on the opinions of other people?
  • Believe taking time for yourself is frivolous?
  • Constantly try to achieve so that others will be impressed by your accomplishments? (Yet you’re not even sure you like what you do.)
  • Find yourself stuck when you’re afraid you might fail at something?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a problem that is running your life — and you probably don’t even know about it.

Here’s another thing you may not know. You can actually love your life by being yourself. Without working harder, improving yourself, or even living up to your potential…And it has nothing to do with whether or not people like you.


Why We Try So Hard To Be Perfect All the Time.

  1. We think we have to “live up” to a standard – that we had nothing to do with! For women the external standard often equals some combination of nice, thin, modest, domestic, and attractive but it depends on the person.
  2. We think that if we show weakness or ask for help people will think we’re incompetent.
  3. We think that if we “have it together,” we’re bullet proof – safe from judgment, criticism, or rejection or anything else that makes us uncomfortable.
  4. We think that if the house is clean, the kids are well behaved and we finally get that promotion, we’ll finally be happy.

Wrong! “Perfect” doesn’t exist.

The problem is you are working too hard to be all things to all people. You are trying too hard to get approval and avoid rejection. And the truth is you don’t need to live up to anything to be happy and have the life you want. You just need to approve of YOU.


“Amy is a courage infuser…filling her clients up with courage without them even understanding how it happened. I believe it’s her authenticity, vulnerability and gentleness in addition to her own contagious courage.”

- Kris McGuffie




Here’s the Curriculum:



  • What is approval addiction and why you’ve been totally clueless about it before now
  • Why knowing about your inner approval addict will help you get crystal clear about why you’ve been so stuck and miserable
  • The difference between fake joy and authentic joy and why you need to know there is a difference
  • How approval addicts get high and why it is often never enough

Turning Towards YOU

  • Why approval seeking is so darn harmful (“Wait! I thought praise was a good thing?!”)
  • Your inner GPS system and why you need to know how to use it
  • Why having an addiction to approval leaves you mediocre and miserable
  • The two sides of YOU — your essential self and your social self, how they work and how things go haywire when you’re addicted to approval

Getting REAL About “Everybody Else”

  • The “generalized other,” what it is and how it can make or break you
  • What you really need to know about “What Everybody Thinks”
  • How to stop letting the opinions of other people keep you stuck

Making Friends, With Yourself

  • Scientific proof self-compassion is in your DNA
  • All about “The Voice”—what it is and how it is trying to help (in its own totally dysfunctional way)
  • How to feel safe being yourself
  • Why you, yes YOU, are totally irresistible to your tribe when you let down your guard and allow your true self to be seen
  • Why you must give yourself permission to be happy to overcome your inner approval addict
  • Identifying your superpowers where you least expected to find them

Advanced Strategies for Dealing with The Voice

  • How to identify a “self-approval killing belief” in five seconds or less
  • Proven strategies for dismantling a “self approval killing belief”
  • How to spot the lies you having been believing about yourself
  • How to access your inner mentor for guidance, compassion and inspiration 24/7

Once an Approval Addict Always an Approval Addict

  • The “gifts” of approval addiction
  • “Rejection Sensitivity” – what it is and why you probably have it
  • Why “relapse” means “relax”! What to do when you find yourself back down the approval seeking bunnyhole

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“With Amy’s help, I fell in love with me…flaws and all. It was worth every penny I spent.”
-Lisa Smith



Who Am I + Why Am I Here?


Hi, I’m Amy and I’m addicted to approval (Recovering with the occasional relapse).

I found a way out so you can too

For most of my adult life, I obsessed over proving to the entire known universe my value. I wanted people to see me as smart, attractive and talented, so I spent most of my time and energy chasing gold stars.

It took me years to realize I had a problem.

But once I made the connection, I found a way out.. I was able to map out the exact steps so that you can experience the same transformation in weeks!

I figured out how to be happy

Even though everything looked great on the surface, I was filled with anxiety almost 24/7.

It may sound corny but now I live the life of my dreams. I teach and train for Martha Beck. I have a wait list for my services + I wake up every day excited. My baseline emotion is peace.

It’s not rocket science and now I’m here to teach it to you.

I’m a thought leader

There’s no other program like this available. Period. I created it because I would have done anything to figure out how to break free from my own misery years ago. And now it’s all here for you in a simple, fun and totally doable paint by numbers blueprint.

I have worked with hundreds of clients and thousands have taken this course. Based on my work, I’ve created a 5 step repeatable system that anyone can use to Overcome their Inner Approval Addict for good!


“I know people throw around the word “authentic” a lot these days, but Amy embodies genuineness in her emotional vulnerability, by using such personal examples from her own life, and in her wholehearted wish for us to succeed.”

- Elisia Brodeur


The Truth Process

T: Tell the Truth

R: Rethink Your Everybody

U: Uncover the Real You

T: Trust (& Make Friends with Fear)

H: Form New Habits



So Imagine...


  • Having a renewed sense of clarity! It’s amazing what happens when you’re not constantly worrying about everyone else for a change.
  • Feeling optimistic and energized about the future and what is possible.
  • Spending your precious time creating space for your own life without obsessing over what every one else thinks.
  • Being able to call B.S. on your worst thought gremlins so you can begin to value yourself and start to uncover your unique gifts.
  • Creating a life that is so shiny and sparkly on the inside it doesn’t matter what other people think about you.
  • Finding a tribe of people who value you for the person you really are and NOT who you pretend to be.
  • Vitality! A renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for your life.
  • Making real connections with other people, not just surface small talk at social events.


The great news is, it’s totally possible! You can BE this. Best of all, if you follow the steps in this course you can transform your life in a few weeks and it will just keep getting better and better as you continue to implement the principles.


Here’s What’s Included in “I Approve of Me”

  • 6 one hour training audios with Amy
  • Class notes so you can access the material in a variety of formats
  • Supplemental resources so you can take the content deeper when you want to
  • Exclusive access to an online forum where you can engage and ask questions of Amy and OTHER tribe members in this course who will be your support system as you do the work



Plus, You’ll Get These Bonuses:



The Vulnerability Factor – 90 Minute Training

pot“Why putting your butt on the line is the only way to win in business — and 4 simple ways to start”

  • Four counter-intuitive ways to create immediate trust, connection and loyalty between you and your followers
  • The fatal mistake most heart centered entrepreneurs make in business that spells mediocrity
  • How blatant imperfectionism is the perfect business strategy in the current market
  • Why discomfort (even terror) is the key to accelerated business success (and more revenue!)
  • The step by step plan to instantly ignite your “fascination factor” so you can actually make money doing what you love


I Need to Appear Impressive” Breakthrough Session 6 from the Live Brazen Series

Not everyone is ready to invest in one-on-one coaching after all. But thanks to Live Brazen: The Breakthrough Sessions, anyone can benefit from coaching.

I handpicked my favorite coaching session near and dear to the heart of any approval addict ( I should know!), added a transcript full of my notes and comments and lovingly crafted worksheets to supplement the audio.

Listen and learn so YOU can experience a shift in mindset that leads to a totally new way of being and eventually a whole new life.


Amy Pearson and Master Life Coach Jackie Gartman on Approval Addiction

Listen to two Master Life Coaches jam about all things approval addiction. Jackie is one of Amy’s favorite coaches (and she is also Amy’s earliest mentor). This class will inspire, enlighten and probably make you laugh too.


Unlike other programs where you just read about things without doing anything, all my courses incorporate ACTION.

After all, action is the number one way to experience the powerful shifts and transformations that are possible with this work.

Each week, you’ll receive a homework assignment AND an action challenge. The homework assignment is for your own reflection, to help you think through the course materials and build your awareness around how they apply to you in your life. The Action Challenge is a simple, yet powerful way to actually incorporate the course content through action. Two kinds of work, very powerful results!

IMPORTANT: If You Do Nothing…

You’ll keep taking on too much stuff that you don’t even like. You’ll keep resenting the hell out of everyone around you. You’ll keep trying to do better, act better, be better, but nothing will change… sorta like a hamster wheel.

And sure, you might get some praise (or at least avoid a few snarky comments). But you’ll keep feeling resentful, because you have certain expectations of how you WANT people to approve of you. So that praise will feel good for a little while… but it’s fleeting.

Or maybe you help people all the time, and then when YOU need help, you look around and no one’s there. So you silently feel resentful.

Other people will keep disappointing you, over + over again.

Your happiness will continue to depend on how other people treat you.

Can you really live this way anymore?

If not, there is a way out.


Click below to join the other 2719 people who have taken How To Overcome Your Inner Approval Addict:

Regular Price: $297
Only $197! (for a limited time)

“I have life-changing realizations and I make tremendous progress toward my goals. Amy helps me help myself.”
-Wende Garrison


I want you to be MORE than satisfied with your experience in “I APPROVE OF ME.” If you attend the first 2 classes complete your homework, and you aren’t happy with the program, I’m happy to refund your tuition (less non-refundable deposit) in full. You’ve got nothing to lose! I stand behind all of my programs with total certainty.


martha-headshot1“Amy Pearson doesn’t need me to approve of her, yet I do. That’s the funny thing that happens when you let go of your need for approval, you show up fully and allow people to love you, and then they do. Amy’s walked this path and is the one to show you the way back to yourself. And if you believe this self-love journey will be a slog–think again–slogging is so not Amy’s style. She’ll help you make finding your right life the fun adventure it was intended to be.”

- Martha Beck



How it Works


Upon registration, you’ll get instant access to the online learning site. You’ll be able to access the materials for Week 1, including supplementary audios and your first homework assignment. Each week a new lesson and the supplemental materials will be available on the learning site.

In addition to the materials for each class, you’ll receive lifetime access to a private Facebook forum where you can connect with other course participants, post your homework and get a jump on finding your tribe.

Just think, what would a renewed sense of excitement and passion for your life be worth to you? Or having a renewed sense of clarity! Being able to spend your precious time on this earth doing your own unique thing without waiting for sign off? Being able to create a life so shiny and sparkly on the inside it doesn’t matter what other people think about you.

Seriously. Try to put a dollar sign on it. I know I would have mortgaged my house ten times over. What’s the alternative? Another 5, 10, 30 years of the same thing?


Click below to join the other 2719 people who have taken How To Overcome Your Inner Approval Addict:

Regular Price: $297
Only $197! (for a limited time)

I hope you make the choice to invest in yourself and join me for this one of a kind program. I know you’ll be happy you did.
(Upon payment you will receive immediate access to the learning site and bonus materials!)



Approval for How To Overcome Your Inner Approval Addict


“Before taking the course, I wondered if the information would really pertain to me or be useful. I wasn’t even sure I was conscious of all the times when I was seeking approval. I learned more about what an approval addict is and how it’s affected my life. Now, I’m much more aware of my behavior, which gives me a better chance of nipping it in the bud!”

- Gianina L.

Melanie“I was sure this course would be too ‘fluffy’ but it wasn’t at all. Amy really goes deep to help you set yourself on the right track. I became determined to be authentic and find “my people”. Amy is an amazing teacher. She is also a spiritual leader in that she makes herself vulnerable so that you can learn. The course is very grounding and a great way to adjust your thinking!”

- Melanie R.

“Admitting that I actually was addicted to approval was a big thing for me. Through the course, I realized that I was okay with some people not liking me because it was a truth that was a relief to recognize. I’ve also stopped wasting time on trying to figure out why some people don’t approve of me. It is liberating to just be yourself and be surrounded by those who care about you! Nothing else matters!”

- Lisa O.

“I was willing to try anything! Trying to seek approval from everyone made me think that I needed to be more than I was. I felt like everyone else was above me and it was so painful. Trying to get the approval was blocking the real connection to people. I love how doable the course was. I think that the approval trap is such a scary thing to dive into and yet there was something soft and comforting about the course!

- Adriane N.

“Before I took this course, I was concerned that I’d feel even worse after, thinking of instances where I’ve given away my power or shrunk (and I did, at first!). I realized though that validation works two ways & my seeking it all the time was pretty inauthentic. I wasn’t valuing some relationships, just scared of ending them and being seen “in the wrong.” Now, I remember I deserve to be happy too and my intention is never to hurt others.”

- Anonymous

“This has been a life changer for me.”

“Before starting this course, I wondered if I could really overcome this issue and was it worth the time to try? But, I woke up every day anxious so I knew I had to do something. I soon discovered the advice was practical and achievable, but it does take a lifetime of work!!! I feel calmer, think more objectively and am less sensitive.”

- Adrienne G.

“After taking the Approval e-course, I have more confidence in depending on myself. I loved being able to take the course at my own pace when I had the time. I recommend it to other people pleasers because it is well worth it!”

- Linda O.

“I was such a “worry wart” before taking this course!”

“Now, I have a greater awareness of thoughts related to seeking approval and understand all of the (often unconscious) ways we seek approval and how much energy is wasted on such thoughts! The Approval e-course is packed with info that so many women can relate to. Approval addiction is often a way of life that we don’t even realize!”

- M. C.

“I have more time with the kids and less time worrying about whether or not I’m going to get paid for my time or whether or not people are going to show up or not.”

“Well, after this approval class I enrolled in the online self study course and have been working hard on finding my North Star. I bought the book and I’m on my way to finding my correct path. The first step was revamping my job. I am self employed and get to set my own rate and hours and schedule, but I do daycare and often feel like the families and the kids take advantage of me. I upped my wage, shortened my hours, produced policies and contracts and became no nonsense. Now I have time to focus on who really wants and needs care from a professional and cut through all those who are just trying to find a free to cheap babysitter. It’s great!!!”

- Denee F.


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Regular Price: $297
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